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Antibody Engineering Service Features

In biopharmaceutical development, monoclonal antibodies could be engineered after early screening. Based on engineering antibody platform and technical advantages, Sino Biological can provide a one-stop service for antibody engineering and production including chimeric antibody construction, antibody fragment production. We are here to give you important support about multiple engineering attempts and better study of antibody properties.

Antibody Engineering Service Highlights

Production experience:
- Rich experience in production of thousands of engineered antibodies
- Fastest delivery time of antibody production is two weeks (including gene synthesis, production and analysis)
Mutiple species: human, mouse, rat, rabbit, canine, rhesus, etc.
Professional project management teams: stringently controls the entire project process, communicates with you timely about the progress and discusses issues encountered during the project
Strict confidentiality: team members have limited access to project information and your information is strictly protected during the entire project

Antibody Engineering Service Types

Chimeric Antibody Production Service


  • HEK293 or CHO cells: better glycosylation and post-translational modifications.
  • Multiple species:
  •   - variable region species: human, mouse, rat, canine, rhesus, chicken, rabbit, camel, etc.
  •   - constant region species: human, mouse, rat, canine, rhesus, rabbit,etc.
  • Multiple subtypes: IgG, IgA, IgM,IgE

Antibody Fragment Production Service


  • Different expression systems:E. coli., HEK293 cells, CHO cells
  • Mutiple tags:His-tag, FLAG-tag, HA-tag, Myc-tag, SUMO-tag, etc.
  • Various species:human, mouse, rat, rabbit, canine, rhesus, etc.

Bispecific Antibody Production Service


  • Optimized HEK293 or CHO mammalian cell expression platforms:better glycosylation and post-translational modifications
  • Multiple purification methods
  •   - Protein A/G/L affinity purification
  •   - Anion and cation exchange chromatography
  •   - Size Exclusion Chromatography Column (SEC)
  • Powerful QC analysis:SEC-HPLC, MS, activity assay, endotoxin test, glycosylation analysis, etc.

Anti-idiotype Antibody Development Service


  • Multiple species: mouse, rabbit, etc.
  • Opitimized mouse hybridoma technology: higher fusion efficiency
  • • Serum-free hybridoma cell culture technology
  • Proprietary rabbit monoclonal antibody technology: larger library size and higher affinity
  • • High-throughput antibody expression and screening technology