PFKM cDNA ORF Clone in Cloning Vector, Cynomolgus


PFKM cDNA ORF Clone in Cloning Vector, Cynomolgus: General Information

NCBI Ref Seq
RefSeq ORF Size
2343 bp
Sequence Description
Identical with the Gene Bank Ref. ID sequence except for the point mutations: 108T/C, 912G/A not causing the amino acid variation. Please check the sequence information before order.
Full length Clone DNA of Cynomolgus phosphofructokinase, muscle.
Sequencing Primers
SP6 and T7 or M13-47 and RV-M
Quality Control
The plasmid is confirmed by full-length sequencing.
Antibiotic in E.coli
Storage & Shipping
Each tube contains lyophilized plasmid.
The lyophilized plasmid can be stored at ambient temperature for three months.

PFKM cDNA ORF Neucleotide Sequence and Amino Acid Sequence Information

**Sino Biological guarantees 100% sequence accuracy of all synthetic DNA constructs we deliver, but we do not guarantee protein expression in your experimental system. Protein expression is influenced by many factors that may vary between experiments or laboratories.**

PFKM Background Information

PFK1, also known as PFKM, is a regulatory glycolytic enzyme. PFK1 converts fructose 6-phosphate and ATP into fructose 1,6-bisphosphate (through PFK-1), fructose 2,6-bisphosphate (through PFK-2) and ADP. It is a muscle-type isozyme. There are three phosphofructokinase isozymes in humans: muscle, liver and platelet. These isozymes function as subunits of the mammalian tetramer phosphofructokinase, which catalyzes the phosphorylation of fructose-6-phosphate to fructose-1,6-bisphosphate. Mutations in PFK1 gene have been related with glycogen storage disease type VII, also identified as Tarui disease.
Full Name
phosphofructokinase, muscle
  • Yamasaki T., et al.,(1991), Structure of the entire human muscle phosphofructokinase-encoding gene: a two-promoter system. Gene 104:277-282.
  • Sharma P.M., et al., (1989), Cloning and expression of a human muscle phosphofructokinase cDNA.Gene 77:177-183.
  • Nakajima H., et al.,(1987), Cloning of human muscle phosphofructokinase cDNA.FEBS Lett. 223:113-116.
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